About Holos Gallery

Holos Gallery was the first full-time holographic art gallery in the United States. Founded in 1979 by Gary A. Zellerbach and located on Haight Street in San Francisco’s world-famous Haight Ashbury district, Holos Gallery quickly grew into a major West Coast center for the new (at the time) art form of holography. (Hopefully by now, you all know that holograms are true three-dimensional images created with lasers. If you’d like a more in-depth introduction to this marvelous technology, take a look at "A Guide To Practical Holography.")

For more than a decade, Holos Gallery grew and evolved, as did the art and technology it represented. Holos’ diverse business activities included:

By 1990, Holos Gallery was a large and successful venture, selling thousands and thousands of holograms to the four corners of the world. The price of success, however, was that the business lost touch with its original goal -- to promote and display stunningly beautiful and miraculous works of holographic art. Thus, Gary Zellerbach felt it was time for a change.

In September 1990, Zellerbach sold Holos Gallery and all its divisions to another of the world’s leading hologram businesses, A.H. Prismatic Ltd., of Brighton, England.

Which brings us to today and the wonders of the World Wide Web. As you see, Gary Zellerbach and Holos Gallery are back, but don’t go looking for us on Haight Street (A.H. Prismatic closed the original gallery late in 1991). Holos Gallery today is Holos Gallery Online, the world’s first holographic art gallery on the Internet. Thanks for stopping by.